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Campaign and event management

With over 35 years combined experience, the Minerva team have considerable experience in managing and delivering value across campaigns on and off the water. 

From managing technical preparation and boat performance to all marketing and communications activation, the Minerva Team have experience in delivering value for teams and partners worldwide. 


Bringing your campaigns to life

  • We can make your ideas reality, and bring your campaigns to life. Be it through branding, imagery or videography, digital assets for your online channels, or a full 360 campaign. We have experience creating and delivering eye catching campaigns that stand out from the crowd.

Marketing and communications

  • From digital marketing campaigns to PR and communications management and support, we can help get your brand or team noticed.

Forward thinkers

  • We have led and managed some of the biggest campaigns in sailing. From 3 viral stunts to industry leading brand image and communications campaigns. Nothing is impossible.

Brand marketing

  • We can give your team, brand, or campaign a wholistic brand image that will make it stand out from the competition.

Partnership management and activation

  • We have managed the longest standing partnership in sailing, with title partner HUGO BOSS as well as other major global brands. We have a proven record in delivering value.

Budget management

  • We can manage all aspects of budget management, forecast, tracking, and reporting.


  • We take pride in what we do, and always ensure we deliver on our agreed objectives and provide regular reporting and wrap up reports on all campaigns
"Ross has worked across many of my sailing projects over the past 18 years as a Technical Director, Build Manager and as a Board member. Ross has a wealth of experience managing yacht racing campaigns, and an eye for the finer detail. I would recommend Ross and Minerva Technical to anyone looking for support in managing their race campaign or for private boat management."
Sir Keith Mills
Sir Keith Mills


Race and campaign management
  • Planning and managing all aspects of your race campaign, from boat performance and modifications, to training on and off the water. Race preparation, risk analysis and management, crisis support.

Race crew resourcing and crew contracts
  • Finding the right person for your project is essential, a speciliast in their field or somebody who can manage many areas of your boat. With our experience, we are connected with the best in the industry.

Race rule compliance
  • Ensuring your boat and your team are prepared and adhere to all class and race rules.

Risk and crisis management
  • We carry out risk assessments on and off the water and can create a risk register for every component on your boat and a plan to mitigate risks where possible.

  • Our experienced team can be on call 24/7 to support your project when at sea

Refit planning and boat management
  • We can plan and manage all aspects of yacht refits, including infrastructure, resources and labour and select the best yard, team and suppliers for your project.
Budgeting and tracking
  • We have experience managing large budgets, planning budgets, tracking expenditure and providing regular financial reporting. We can manage all payments and accounts including crew payroll and expenses.

Policy process and implementation
  • We can implement tried and tested policies and procedures to improve the efficiency of your project.

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